Parents Celebrated Their Children Leaving For College With Empty Nest Photo-Shoot

From prom pictures, farewell pictures, baby showers, bridal showers, wedding pictures to gender reveal pictures all are available. But when this couple brought something new to their baby scrapbook it went crazy. The couple decided to do a photo shoot themed ‘empty nest’ while their two children were leaving for college.


When Vicky Piper and husband Jeff, sent their two kids to college they had a very different and unique idea for the photo shoot of their family. The Ohio couple dropped off their youngest son, Cameron at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan and he will start his freshman year. While their eldest daughter, Caitlyn, is studying in Australia.

The couple will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and will start a new chapter of their life. Though they are sad about both their children leaving but are very excited to start a new chapter of their lives as well. The couple is madly in love with each other and cannot live without each other. They are looking forward to this new beginning of their life and want to cherish every moment with each other.

Jeff wants to date his wife all over again. He wanted to do something special for his wife, thus had a very unique idea for a photo shoot themed ‘empty nest’. They wrote the date their son left for college on a chalkboard sign and asked their friend to click their pictures outside the church. They believe this is what young people do these days.

20 years ago we didn’t have gender 💝💙reveal parties, portraits in beautiful fields with baby shoes to announce a…

Posted by Vicky Piper on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

They shared their stories when they posted their adorable pictures online which everyone loved. They went viral in a very short period with over 44,000 shares. They shared that they never had a gender reveal photo shoots, they also didn’t have portraits of their children on beautiful beaches or farms.

They sure have pictures of all of them on vacations and otherwise. They used to go to Sears or Olan Mills to have the pictures of their children clicked. But this idea of their photo shoot was loved by many thousands. One person even commented that she would do the same when her children will leave for college after 17 years.

They shared their pictures with the caption “20 years ago we didn’t have a gender reveal parties, portraits in beautiful fields with baby shoes to announce a pregnancy. Nor did we have baby photos on a blanket with a circle around a number showing how old they were. We drove our babies to Sears or Olan Mills to get their photos! So in honor of our next chapter … here you go!”

Everybody is touched with the amount of love and fondness they both share for each other. And the world wishes them happiness and their best regards for their new beginning.