Party Pooper Sets Weird Rules For Bachelorette Party

Some people have a painful habit of being the puppeteer who controls and manipulates the joy and happiness of others. And netizens recently witnessed something similar, a probable case of general depressive disorder in a woman who could be awarded the annual party pooper trophy for trying to sabotage her friend’s bachelorette vacation. She and her friends decided to go to Vegas but this lady also brought in an uninvited guest- her silly set of rules and regulations.


The storyteller had a very religious upbringing that barred them from a lot of things people generally enjoy-no risqué music, no alcohol and no foul language. Yet, she never forced other people to follow what she believes in. However, one of the group mates, who is credited for being a diplomatic freak decided to a throw a tantrum for not being called to the bachelorette vacation and then expressed her gratitude by sending a notorious list of mandates for the six day trip to all the seventeen members.

Her demand list begins with the need for all of them to attend an early morning church session along with a serious ban on consumption of alcohol in hotel rooms, she also went on to use quotation marks for naming the alcohols as though they were some illegal roadside substances.


In addition to this, she also demanded $50 from all the goers as part of the grocery fund which makes it $850 for a week’s grocery that does not even include her share. This maddening woman also made it clear that no naughty stuff shall be tolerated. This is because, according to her, women need to save themselves for their wedding nights. Her crazy dictate-list blew up one of their friend’s spot as she was on prescribed meds.

This not so courteous woman wanted to get back at the bride for not calling her to the party and supposedly betraying a sorority sister, but the catch here is, they do not belong to the same sorority, never did. She also shamelessly signed off the email saying more rules shall be enforced soon. When the bride had enough of her nonsense she decided to un-invite her but her yet another paroxysm could not be handled by the group and they finally permitted her to tag along. Oops! We feel sad for the bride!