People Roll Out Laughing At Hungover Woman’s McDonald’s Order

A woman named Katie Poole wanted to have McDonald’s as she believed a hamburger could cure her hangover. She made a bizarre order with strange modifications that made it sound even funnier. Her husband shared a picture of the order receipt on his social media account. The post baffled everyone and they died laughing.


Katie Poole is a mum from Toronto, Canada. She and her husband named Jody enjoyed a few drinks together one night. Being hung-over, the next day she wanted to eat a hamburger from McDonald’s. While giving the order, she was very specific about what she wanted to have in it. She made multiple strange modifications and placed an order for a burger with no mustard, no onions, no pickles, no bun, and no hamburger patty. The only ingredient she didn’t want to exclude or what was obviously left was ketchup sauce!

Her husband, Jody, explained the entire scene in his post. He started by saying that Katie thought only a hamburger could cure her hangover. He added a sarcastic remark saying that Katie is the type of person who made modifications even to a classic burger having no pickles, no bun, and no hamburger patty! How can one order a burger without a bun and a patty? This was extremely hysterical! He couldn’t control his laughter telling that what they actually received from McDonald’s was exactly two ketchup packets!


Moreover, Katie admitted the fact that she paid full price for those two ketchup packets. What could be more insane!! All this was shared publicly by Jody via his account. People found Jody’s post quite amusing. They couldn’t believe that Katie actually ordered that. The post gained many likes and shares. People got perplexed with what an order she made. They laughed their heads off and left humorous comments on his post. One even exclaimed that this was the best thing he heard so far for a McDonald’s order!

Another said that his family had a great laugh after reading his post. One other user left a comment saying that although McDonald’s says that you have to “have it your way”, but for that you actually need to have something at least! A burger with no bun and patty is the most hilarious order. How can someone be so great! She ordered a burger without any mustard, no onions, no pickle. This can still sound alright! People might dislike these and wouldn’t like to have it in their burgers.

But the fact that she even wanted to exclude the burger bun and the hamburger patty, this made the order sound even more weird and useless. This scenario totally proves that a hung-over person can do anything and everything! After her hangover got over, knowing what she did while she was drunk, she herself left a comment on the post saying “#Whoops”. She felt ashamed when she realized how foolish she might have looked paying in full for those couple of ketchup sachets!