Prankster Swaps Vegetarian And Beef Labels, Gets Severe Backlash

Pranks have been doing the rounds for their funny as well as precarious elements since ages. People take up new themes every time to amuse the souls around them. But it had led to conundrums for others too. One such dangerous situation surfaced when an anonymous man swapped ‘VEGETARIAN LASAGNE’ and ‘BEEF LASAGNE’ labels on Tesco Lasagne. The act had received severe backlash from social media users.

One day, a Facebook page named as Chicken and Licking day caught the bewildered eyeballs of social media users. The page was dedicated to sharing of funny memes and jokes. But a prankster crossed the limit of fun element in a prank. The notorious person shared that he swapped the vegetarian and beef labels on Tesco Lasagne ‘just for fun’. People tried hard to expose his identity but in vain. The name and profile picture was covered with a bright yellow color. So they could not catch hold of him.


His ‘just for fun’ justification was counter-attacked by Facebook users. They denied to agree with his thinking and tried to bring out the precarious repercussions of his move. Obviously, the change of labels would change the perception of consumers of the food. The use-by date, nutritional values and storage of the real contents of the pack- all would just change. So this could wreak havoc on the health of the consumer. The soul may be allergic to some ingredient and this could take a toll on their body functioning.

The sagacious social media users threw some light on the possible severe outcomes. One of them explained that people had medical reasons for eating a vegetarian diet. They might not be able to fully digest and process the meat. So it could be very dangerous. Another soul tried to unveil other glaring facets of the situation. The wise person said that they might be vegetarian due to their personal or religious tenets. That could be a play full of fire. Others had asked people to halt their juggernaut of pranks that are being driven by their incoherent sense of humor.

Also, the UK government clearly has asserted through rules that companies need to clarify all the important ingredients and other major things attached to their products. So they are required to clearly specify all the allergic elements used in their food products. But this episode has proved that pranksters could find some food for their notorious minds to abet their pranks.

Meanwhile, Tesco had taken cognizance of the burning issue. It had probed the matter and was looking at every bit of it. Pranksters did breach the limit of tolerance of the victims of the pranks. The whole scenario must have charged the elements of skepticism inside the human souls across the globe.