Roommate Used Best Friend’s Pictures For Five Years To Catfish Online Boyfriend

The internet has made it easier for connectivity and has opened a lot of opportunities and possibilities for everyone. With all the good it has brought it has also bought disturbances in many people’s lives. A roommate found that her best friend was using her photos to catfish for five years now.


Not only it has opened our access to others but has opened others’ access to us as well. When there are pros of something there are cons as well. One girl found that her roommate and best friend has been using her pictures and sending them to her internet boyfriend of five years now.

The BFF named her roommate Maggie and shared that her story with her boyfriend started in 2015 when she went to spend her spring break out of the state. She met the guy online on Tinder and had only one picture of him. The roommate shared that “Over the past five years he’s literally been her whole world …”

She further explained that “She always has her nose in her phone. She gets clingy when he takes too long to text back, she’s cried to me a few times because she’s lurked on his social media and seen he was around other girls (my roommate doesn’t have social media herself). I had asked a few times why they have never met up again and she said they’re both too busy and don’t have the money for the trip. I even told her that he could stay with us and that would save some money. He’s sent presents and even flowers on Valentine’s Day every year. They’ve basically been dating this whole time.”

Found out my best friend (25 F) has been using my pictures (26 F) to catfish a guy she’s been talking to since 2015 from relationship_advice

One day when the guy came to surprise her then she got to know what her best friend was up to. She shared “He says hi, and I give a confused hi? And then he barges in and scoops me up into a hug. He starts saying ‘I thought you were working? I was hoping your roommate was here so I could surprise you when you got back.’ And I am so confused. I immediately get down and back away and let him know I have absolutely no clue what he’s talking about. My brain can’t even process what’s happening.”

Then she got to know that this whole time she was sending him pictures of her. The guy’s phone is filled with her pictures and she felt stick to her stomach by the stunt her friend has been pulling for five years. No doubt that her friend’s online boyfriend is pissed at her. After calling her best friend and telling her what happened she refused to come home and was freaking out but in the end, came home.

There was shouting and now her best friend is crying her eyes out. She shared that “He’s hurt and accusing, she’s crying, I’m sitting there awkwardly. She tells him that she’s still the same person he’s had feelings for and he screams at her, ‘no, I thought I was in love with your roommate!’” She has asked the readers to advise them on what can be done.