Runner Uses App To Make Artwork Through His Routes

Exercising regularly makes you feel great and full of energy throughout your day particularly when you start seeing a difference in your body. These days the fitness enthusiasts are making good use of internet to keep a track of their goals. GPS and mapping software are being used to keep track of the distance traveled, calories burned even the steps taken but can they make art?


One of the artists from San Francisco, California used this GPS tracking to produce brilliant artworks. Lenny Maughan has been using his running routes to produce different images for the last four years. He is using the Strava App for turning his routes into great pieces arts. He carefully plans his route through the city.

He plans it in such a way that when his run is finished the zoomed-out image of his route on the map resembles certain images like that of a pig, a hand or something like chopsticks. His route planning is truly an analogue process. He has been living in San Francisco from more than 20 years and has covered almost every street of the city. He likes to ensure that his images have some or the other connection with that area. H once created a rose in one of his runs through the city San Francisco.

One of his latest images is of an artist a Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo. The artist (Frida Kahlo) is known for her self portraits. Maughan’s picture has gained significant attention on Reddit. There have been more than 5000 likes, along with numerous comments since the time it has been shared.

One of the commenters commented: “Beautiful, but my calves, knees, bones hurt just thinking about that running.” Someone said: “Out of all running artists I have seen this is the best.” There are various comments on the post by people showing their interest in Maughan’s art.


Maughan has made around 53 such arts so far. This includes the Star ship Enterprise from Star trek. He has to be very careful to follow these routes because if he makes one single wrong turn the whole piece of art can be ruined. His passion for running has also made him some name among other runners too. He has also created images of some body parts also like feet, fist etc. On St. Patrick’s Day he created an image of a four-leaf clover running from the north to the east of the city.

Speaking to The Guardian about his fitness enthusiasm and his hobby. He said, “When I was a kid everyone thought I’d be an artist when I grew up – I was always drawing things.” When the motive behind this was discussed Maughan said that this was just a way to make his streets his own. He suggested that if anyone wants to start this, they can do so by making an easy art piece first like a beach ball or a piece of string. We hope Maughan continues to make such masterpieces on the streets of San Francisco.