Schoolboy’s Journal Entry Asks Teacher To Stop Telling Lies

A school is a place where you go to learn things what you do not know. Slowly and steadily your school becomes your second home and your teacher become your second parent. Is it not the job of a teacher to teach you the truth? Well, is it. What will you feel when lies are fed to you?

A young schoolboy called out for the lies his teacher was feeding the students about Christopher Columbus. The class was studying ‘The Man Who Discovered America’ and we all know that in history Christopher Columbus is projected to have found America. But this fact is only true for Contemporary Europeans because there were already many people living on that continent before Columbus found it. The student, King Johnson pointed out some straight facts he knew to set straight the lies told by his teacher.

King exercises his right to freedom of speech precisely and is not afraid to point out the lies told by his teacher. He did not hold back on any account while rectifying the lies told by his teacher. Writing a journal is a normal part of his school curriculum, the students write their thoughts and ideas in their journals during journal entry time. He began his journal entry by writing about the lesson, he found the lesson very boring especially because he cannot withstand lies.

His mother talks to him about the history and he believes it to be true. He does not have any problem with Columbus Day off, but when it comes to feeding lies about the same person he has some major issues. According to him, white people have no right to tell black history. Though the teacher was not impressed and happy about his journal entry. But King was not affected by it and did not give much thought to it. He simply replied with an ‘ok’ to his teacher.

Well, the teacher might be upset and unimpressed but everyone else who read his entry was pretty impressed by his guts. They supported him in his argument and were in awe of him. Some people want him on a bigger platform to express his views such as The Ellen Show. By mentioning “Indian” he just earned some extra brownie points but then that topic is much bigger and a debate for another time.

But in the end, people are happy about King’s willingness to learn his history. Also, people appreciate the fact that he and his mother talk about important stuff, and he pays attention to what his mother says to him. The people so not give any attention to how his teacher reacts or whatsoever.