Shortage Of Desks During Lockdown Brought Out People’s Quirkier Side

Ever since the lockdown began, the stores, be it offline or online, experienced a scarcity of various products. However, this shortage of commodities led to a basket full of creative ideas being overflowed, just like in the case of desks shortage which flooded the internet with people sharing their quirky DIY-desk hacks.


Ashton Stratman, from college town of Columbia, Missouri shared her resort to fight the desk shortage and the netizens loved it. The 19-year-old was quick to realize that the pandemic was going to impact her academic life. Be it attending the online classes or facing the shortage of school supplies, the young lady knew her academic year won’t be easy. Ashton, who studies English remotely at a local community college, had already anticipated the rush for supplies and didn’t even try looking for the same. She instead came up with her own DIY-desk idea!

Rakuten intelligence, which tracks online shopper behavior revealed some figures to support what Ashton had anticipated. According to the data, the pandemic led to a 283% annual increase in the sales of desks and other related stuff. Among the many items that witnessed a sharp hike in price and shortage in supplies were the toilet paper, flour and desks- all thanks to the work/study from home scenario.

Ashton had recently moved into an apartment with three roommates. Using her creative head to its best capacity, she made a beautiful workplace from the cardboard box leftovers by stacking them on top of a dresser drawer. She placed her computer on this self made desk to attend her virtual school. Another dresser drawer served as Ashton’s armrest to make her work station comfortable. Speaking about her ‘Box Desk’, Ashton said that she felt proud of her creation which not only made her student life easier but also gave a boost to her confidence.

The Box desk wasn’t the only thing that Ashton created. She also modified an old Frankenstein creation desk that had a shattered glass top which was covered with a piece of plywood. The teen revealed that she had to sacrifice 12 of her books to place underneath her new table which provided support.

Well, this was just one case but the internet is loaded with such DIY-desks cases. One Twitter user shared his DIY desk which he made from an ironing board. Another innovative desk idea came from a school teacher who used her basement ping-pong table as her work station.

Another brilliant idea came from Kimberly Fricker, a 34-year-old Richmond, Virginia resident who works on internal investigations in a bank. She had been using a standing desk which didn’t go well with her spine. To maintain a balance between her work and her physical exercise routine, she placed her keyboard on a treadmill and her laptop on the treadmill’s screen. People really loved how the lady made a ‘running office’ for herself and many netizens followed her footsteps.

It is now quite evident that there is no limit to the amount of potentials a human mind can hold. The way people used every bit of whatever was available during the testing global pandemic times, sets an example of how one can use the brilliance of his or her mind to overcome any shortcomings.