Sister-In-Law Is Adamant To Name Her Son After Nephew Who Passed Away

Naming your kids can be a joyous task. However, this can turn into a tricky situation anytime. In a disgraceful incident, a mother got distressed after her pregnant sister in law decided to name her son after nephew who had passed away.


A woman took over social media platform Reddit to describe a miserable occurrence. The woman told that she lost her son, Tom to SID eight months ago and it was extremely depressing for her. She had been distancing herself from her family and did not know what was going on in their lives. But the woman’s family members visited her to inform that her brother and sister in law were expecting a baby boy.

They had visited her directly after the doctor’s appointment who had just revealed the baby’s gender. Hearing this announcement was a little difficult for the woman who had just lost her kid. But she revealed that she was happy for them.

However, the woman’s brother told that his wife had suggested naming their kid after the woman’s son as a way to honor him. His brother told that they were considering other names, but his wife insisted on naming their son Tom. The woman’s mother also agreed to name the baby boy Tom. This left the woman stunned as her sister in law would always try to pick fights with her. She felt odd and said that why would her sister in law name her son after hers. The woman even said that her sister in law had disrespected her and her husband. She also claimed that her sister in law literally cried out of hate after she gave birth to her son.

The woman then went to her mother’s house and got to know that her sister in law was not being sensitive at all. Instead, she was referring their son as ‘our Tom’ in front of the woman. The woman’s sister in law kept on repeating this again and again. The woman’s husband got angered after this, so the woman had to speak up. She politely asked her sister in law to be a little sympathetic and consider some other name. But her sister in law refused. She called the woman pathetic for asking her to pick another name. They both got into an argument. But her mother sided with her sister in law while her brother said nothing.

The woman told that she went home with her husband later on. Her husband said that he would never visit that house again. She felt that her family members were using their loss against them and were acting innocent. She even went ahead and asked the Reddit users to tell her whether she was correct or not. Most of the user felt that she was correct.

A user said that no one owns a name, but in this situation the woman actually owned the name. Another user commented that if the woman’s sister in law was honoring her son, she would have surely agreed to change the name as soon as the woman asked her to consider another name.