Son Glued His Father’s Things On The Ceiling As A Prank

Some might call it playing cool, others might call it complete mental torture, but this guy has played the king of all pranks on his dad. In the meanest of tricks, he planned to make his dad think he was losing his mind day-by-day, by hiding one of his belongings, adding another for each day that he didn't notice.


He didn’t just hide them anywhere though, this evil genius got really creative and glued them all to the ceiling. Fortunately, he kept a record of the entire prank and posted the pictures on the internet.

Present on Reddit with username SeamanTheSailor, he shared these pictures of his poor dad’s belongings stuck just above him without him having the slightest of hint. He posted, in some sort of strange silent ransom, saying that he stuck his dad’s glasses to the ceiling. For every day his dad didn’t notice he added another of the poor guy’s possessions.

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One person responded to the post saying how this father will ever be able to see his possessions glued up on the ceiling? His glasses were up there. To this, the major prankster replied that those were his dad’s reading glasses and he wasn’t that cruel to make his dad go blind without glasses.

Phew, enough? Not at all, it was just the beginning. He posted again, mentioning Day- 2 of his dad’s possessions stuck up on the ceiling until he notices. This time, it was his phone clip. Creating huge excitement among the other social media users, it kept them glues to their screens, wondering what invaluable item would go on the ceiling next. Day – 3 had a single shoe added in the list, but the dad probably had other pairs, so hardly would have he noticed.

What is an item if went missing, would make you scream ‘NOOOOO’ up to the heavens and pray for a sign? The TV remote, right? The most important of all the household items also the most treasured. It all must have got too much for this guy’s dad when, on day four, the remote got ‘ceilinged’.

me irl from me_irl

Day five’s installment was simply the left-over adhesives he had used to trick his dad – he had been sussed. He posted the defeat, writing though it was a good run, but all things must come to an end. Eventually, things cooled, and the father-son duo had a beer together and viewed all the comments that were being posted since Day- 1.

He thanked his adoring fans, along with a little explanation of his techniques saying thanks for the support. Also, to everyone asking how he stuck his dad’s things up there, he used Blu Tack and some command strips for the shoe. This little devil really made sure to pass on the legacy.