Stray Dog Kept Showing Up At Car Dealership, Staff Adopts Him And Gives Him A Job

When adorable puppy eyes are staring at us, we are sold! Dogs know the way to steal our hearts and we can’t complain. That’s what happened at the Hyundai Prime branch in Brazil. A stray dog showed up outside the doors of this car dealership every day and as one can predict, the employees fell in love with that cute pooch leading to something incredible!


An adorable dog seemed to feel a strong connection with a Hyundai car dealership in Brazil. He turned up outside their place every evening without a fail. The employees noticed him and took care of him by providing some food and water before they sent him back.

This back and forth wasn’t coming to an end! The pooch always found his way to this place and spend time with the people who attended him. Those people could not help but fall in love with the pup as they stared right into the puppy eyes.

One rainy night, the manager, Emerson Mariano opened the doors of the showroom for this dog. He let him in and gave him food and water. Now, the pooch had witnessed the warm space and walked on that floor and so, it was tough to shut the doors on him.

The dog mesmerized the staff with his determination to be a part of this Hyundai family. Eventually, they made a decision and adopted him. The employees named him “Tucson Prime” and allowed him to stay in the showroom permanently. However, the dog impressed the managers in an unbelievable way that led to Tucson being a ‘pawfessional consultant’ at the dealership.

Tucson makes sure that the customers enter the showroom with a big smile on their faces.  He engages everyone in a playful conversation before they head over to look around for a new car.

Emerson Mariano shared, “After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals.”

Tucson is showered with love and care from the employees and the customers as well. There’s a new competition for that “Employee of the Year” trophy at this car dealership!

They have created an Instagram account for their official mascot, Tucson. One of the posts read, “Today my day started early, but it was not in sales, I am trying to read and answer the thousands, I swear, miles of messages I received in the last few days.” We hope those cute paws typed this!

“But where I came from, I didn’t have this technology. Me and my humans are still trying to find a way to deal with so much love and affection like that. If I didn’t open your message or answered, I wanted to apologise, but we are trying our best to open all messages to try to thank you all, I am very happy with all this!”

The staff ensured that he is vaccinated and healthy for the future endeavors that are lined-up for the pooch. He is chosen to star in a national advertising campaign by Hyundai. Way to go, Tucson!