Student Caught Teacher Roasting Their Work During Virtual Session

A student posted a video of their graphic designer teacher giving honest reviews over his student’s works. It was called a “rapid roast”. Not to say anything less, but the students absolutely loved it. They say that it does not only make the class a lot more fun, but also helps them improve their work.


Online classes have taken a toll on students and the teachers. At times like this having even a little fun in the class can turn around many things and make things and learning actually interesting. That along with the internet we have today where anything can go viral can create a great blend. This graphic designer teacher who went viral, thanks to his student who posted a video of him being brutally honest, has a roast session in his class. He has been praised as he was “saying what everyone is thinking”. The roast was extremely hilarious and very enjoyable.

This student when shared a clip of that teacher on the internet that went viral with the caption reading, ‘Watch my graphic design teacher roast our work’, in addition to which he added “only reason I go to class”. The teacher had perfectly hilarious replies to these designs his students had to show. He calls his session of brutal honesty, a rapid roast. A very interesting title, and after going through these replies, something everyone must wish to happen with them as well. The student really shared much of the roast in the video.

To his first he started off by saying, “boring, but it works”. Must be an affective load of work. while this went on, the student could be heard laughing while his teacher went on to roast his other classmates. To one he just said, “Oh Monica, no. Sorry.” Another witty comment by the teacher was, “feels like a logo for a corporation that is proudly polluting the environment”. The comment must be hard to beat, but to one he said, “As far as this goes, the question is; why?”


The roast just became better and better as to one student the teacher said, “it mostly just looks like a spider that got its legs ripped off”. All the comments were great, and the video was really amazing as well. It went viral immediately and people started sharing it, commenting on it and just overall laughing along with it as the students were roasted. Something interesting and important to note is that the students had fun with the roast as well. The laughed and learnt along with it.

The video has been viewed more than 13 million times and as the views go, many people had a lot to say about it as well. One person said, “I mean he’s harsh but this helps them to improve immensely AND it makes the class entertaining.” Which is entirely correct. Another person commented, “Still feeling bad for Monica.” Another two people commented, “Had a teacher like this. Not going to lie my design skills improved dramatically because of him” and “Please make this the entirety of your content. Thank you.”