Teacher Gets Angry At Man For Correcting Her In Front Of Class

The ego of a teacher really got hurt just because she was corrected by a student’s father for pronouncing his daughter’s name in a wrong way. The teacher felt that her authority was challenged in front of the entire class. The father was called by the school authorities for a meeting after this incident and was quite disappointed about the fact.


With the ongoing pandemic, the classroom pattern of studies is replaced by the online conferencing which lead to various discoveries by parents. One of such discoveries happened when a dad uncovered the reason behind the disturbed behavior of her daughter. During his seven-year old daughter’s virtual school sessions at home during coronavirus lockdown, he overheard her teacher pronouncing her name as “Kelly” instead of “Keeley” many times. He was quite confident with the fact that it was his daughter’s name which was used incorrectly as he remembered all the names of her classmates.

After his investigation, he was sure that there was no one with the name “Kelly”. This mispronunciation left his daughter upset after the online classes. Moreover, she confessed it to her father that the teacher was taking her name wrong right from the start of the session. Not only this, she admitted that her attempts to correct the teacher were constantly ignored by the teacher. This left her completely annoyed and irritated. Therefore, her dad sent an email to the school authorities for correcting this misunderstanding but got no response.

Finally, he suggested her daughter to login to the online session as soon as the class starts so that she could privately and politely explain the situation to the teacher. She did exactly the same thing but no heed was paid by the teacher as she continued to repeat the same thing. Exhausted completely, her dad came up to the screen and addressed her teacher in a polite way highlighted her mistake. He stated, “Her name is not Kelly but Keeley. Hard E. Sorry for any confusion”. Few hours later, he received an email from the school asking his wife and himself to come for a meeting with a senior member of staff.

He took the matter to Reddit and mentioned that the authorities apologized for the misunderstanding. However, the member of school accused him of taking an unnecessary action that challenged the teacher’s authority. He was surprised with their response and wanted to clear his confusion for being right to be furious over the matter by asking for a public opinion. As soon as he posted the matter on Reddit, people started supporting his reaction calling it completely justified one.

One of the users commented that the teacher must leave her job if she feels so much challenged. A second one said, “Incorrect authority doesn’t have authority” and that she had real problems. Another user suggested him to start taking the teacher’s name wrong and eventually she will improve. Therefore, he received a number of comments supporting his action and also providing different suggestions to teach a lesson to the arrogant teacher.