Teen Sees The Funny Side Of Looking Like Michael Jackson

Lorun Elisabeth, a teenage girl, was left in stitches when she read the most hilarious comments about her uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson. However, she considered the funny side and did not feel offensive about it. In addition, she was the one to notice this great similarity.


Lorun, a 17-year-old college student from Manchester, uploaded a selfie of hers on Twitter. Shecaptioned it as “Blame it on the boogie”. Within a few minutes of posting the photograph on twitter, it garnered more than 6,000 comments and 109,000 likes. Moreover, the snap went viral on social media.

Not only this, the post was bombarded with Michael Jackson’s song titles pointing out her striking similitude to the late pop star. Nonetheless, she was actually the first one to admit the fact that she looked a lot like the singer in her other pictures too. Hence, she already seemed to pre-empt the reaction following the post.

Following the hilarious reaction to her photograph, she was left in complete stitches when people told her she looked exactly like Michael Jackson. Moreover, she took this in a positive way and always saw the funny side. According to her, she was not one of those who get offended easily by something someone’s said online.

She found it really casual that people would easily relate her facial looks with those of MJ. Additionally, she already knew that she looked a lot like the late pop star in the posted picture. As a result, people ran with it and she was known to be called as the “Michael Jackson girl”. The most hilarious thing according to her was people reposting the picture with popular Michael Jackson lyrics.

She received a mixture of comments in her Twitter and Instagram DMs and comment sections. One of it was, “I don’t have nothing to say so imma just beat it”, which really made her laugh. Not only this, a user wrote that Michael Jackson was asking the police to help him with this identity theft from heaven. She received numerous positive and funny comments.

However, she was subjected to confront some of the really harsh comments in which people accused her of undergoing a surgery to resemble MJ. As these comments were not so light-hearted, Lorun hit back at such people. Moving further, she became even angrier when she was posted on Reddit on a post made by “botched surgeries”. They claimed that she underwent a surgery to look like him.

The truth was that she never had a surgery and it was her natural beauty. But she became really furious over some nasty comments and got the post deleted. Despite of all this, the picture still made her laugh and seemed to be funny to her. She was astonished at the fact how it blew up in all honesty and got as far as American Twitter. She really enjoyed seeing her face everywhere online.