This Dad Took A Hilarious Step To Find Dates For His Three Sons On A Family Vacation

Parents are always concerned about their children and when it comes to their dating life, you might expect some “interference”. One dad expressed this concern by posting a dating ad in a daily newspaper to find perfect matches for his three sons.

The last thing we all want is for our parents to get involved in our love life. We like a little privacy there! We can only wish our parents understood that. They don’t seem to put that concern away for a while.

Your parent might have asked you about your dating life and expressed their view on the way you are dealing with it. However, this one dad took a few steps forward in this direction and took out a dating ad for his three bachelor sons while they were on a family vacation.

Neil from Oregon had a vacation planned with his wife and three sons, Benjamin, Jeremy and Matthew to New Zealand. While the boys thought it would be a fun holiday, they did not know what Neil had in mind for them.

Neil wanted his sons to find a date on this holiday and so, he gave an advertisement in “The New Zealand Herald” where he mentioned all the details of his sons and wrote, “We are not expecting, just hoping, to introduce our sons to nice NZ daughters. At the very least we’ll embarrass our sons and the truth is, we do find some enjoyment in that.”


He wrote the duration of his trip and ended it by mentioning his email address. This dating ad went viral and Neil started receiving many responses (more than 200!).

The daily newspaper approached Neil and did a little chat with him on this whole matter, Neil revealed that his sons have no idea about this advertisement and that’s what he loves. All he wants for his sons is to meet new people and befriend them. This might lead to a lasting relationship!

Neil said that he will tell his sons about this when the time is right. He added, “I might say ‘oh by the way I did place a little ad for you guys’. I am sure they will be surprised and annoyed, but I am sure they will laugh. We have a good relationship and are always joking with each other.”

There is nothing more that parents want than a happy life for their kids. We appreciate that and such fun interference is not so annoying after all!