This Guy’s New Invention Mows The Lawn And Delivers Fresh Drinks All At Once

What’s better than the combination of a bright sunny day and our favorite drinks right by our side? Sounds like a dream moment that we all wish to experience. When we are taking in all the sunlight out in our garden, we just wish those chilled drinks to reach us and we won’t have to move. Matt Benedetto has invented a lawnmower that acts as a bartender and we are sold!


Necessity is the mother of invention and it has proven to be accurate time and again.  People switch on their creative side and build something incredible to fulfill their needs.

Matt Benedetto has invented the brilliant machine that speaks well with our laziness on a relaxing day perfect to sit under the sun in our garden. No one wants to leave that soothing place for even a minute. However, it’s tough to resist the craving for a tempting drink. Oh, what a struggle to run inside the house to grab a bottle and a can!

Well, Benedetto knew what his next move was when he received a cordless robotic lawnmower, Landroid. He decided to use it for two motives at once. Of course, it will mow the lawn. Also, with some specific additions and modifications, this genius man turned it into a bartender. So, drinks would be delivered to him without disrupting his sunbathing.


This creation named MowTender by the inventor “combines the ease of an automated robotic lawnmower and the convince of a bartender” according to his website. “Enjoy your Sunday chores on a whole new level with the most productive beer delivery system ever.”

He began by fixing a shaft to the base of the lawnmower that had a shelf. Now, Benedetto just kept the beer cans on it and the MowTender performed its tasks!

But here’s the deal – this is not something that’s available online for you to buy. It’s just another “Unnecessary Invention” that has earned its spot on Benedetto’s Unnecessary Inventions. His website states, “It creates products that solve problems that don’t really exist by creating products that no one is really asking for.”

“The project explores creativity, experimentation with design & processes, and pokes fun at the real products people will actually purchase online,” it further explains.

So, if you wish to be served with some booze while unwinding on the lawn, you’ll have to spend a few hours (or days) constructing such a thing. Good luck!