This Man’s Business Card Answers All The Questions People Ask About His Height

Be prepared to be attacked by some questions if you are slightly different from the crowd. Your “distinct” appearance can attract many queries and honestly, they are going to be repetitive in nature. A man with a height of 6 ft.10 inches found a perfect way to answer those questions!

Imagine people asking you the same series of questions! It can get frustrating after a point. Responding to the same questions is tiring and we wish to escape that conversation.

People notice the tiniest variations in the way a person looks. So, how could a 6 ft. 10 inches tall man not get all the stares and questions? His height gets all the attention and the curious minds want to know so much from him. Of course, everything related to his “unbelievable” height!

The problem is not with the questions but the recursive nature of them. Everyone has the same thing to tell him and it gets monotonous after a while. Some of the common questions asked to him included:

“Do you play basketball?”

“Is your bed customized according to your height?”

So, this guy came up with a perfect plan to avoid responding again and again to the same set of queries. He made a “business card” that included answers to the frequently asked questions. He could hand over one to anyone who begins to have a “chat session” with him for the first time.

This is really witty! He added fun to this entire boring game of questions and answers.
This business card got viral after it got posted on Twitter by a user named ‘Cactus Jack’ from Ohio. It was initially shared on Reddit by Newton Jesse a few months ago.


The following statements were printed on his card:

“Yes I am tall. I am 6’10”.

“(No I’m not kidding. Yes, that is tall. No, I do not play basketball. I play volleyball.”

“Yes, seeing the tops of everyone’s head is weird. Yes, the weather is nice up here.”

“This has been a great conversation.”

All the tall people related to this and shared their experiences online. People seem impressed by this idea and may take inspiration from him to get out of a boring situation.