This MIL Became The Third Wheel On Newlyweds’ Honeymoon Trip

Not every mother-in-laws' aim to bring gloom to the happy lives of their kids and their spouses. Nor are they the killers of your happy family whose sole purpose is to sabotage your efforts to run your married life peacefully. We are not generalizing the entire population falling under this category some of them need to be kept out of this but the others’ play their parts perfectly in bringing laurels to the stereotypical image.

And this one particular lady has given goals to her fellow mothers-in-law by slyly inviting herself as the third wheel on her sons’ honeymoon. Thus pissing-off her daughter-in-law. The bride who happens to be a mother of two took to Mumsnet to brutally express her anger over the situation claiming that her mother-in-law had been tough to tackle a lot many times.

She also called her manipulative and that she would make sure to go against anything and everything her daughter-in-law said or did. This woman was planning a romantic nuptial trip to the Caribbean and the US along with a few days in Cyprus with her partner after their wedding but then she discovered that her mother-in-law who visited them for Christmas booked for a vacation in the same hotel as them.

The strange thing is, before this she never liked going on trips. Since both the partners had limited dates off work their trip was a quick one with multiple destinations, both sides of the in-laws offered to help with the kids and as per the original idea, this time was to be utilized in this lady’s mother-in-law bonding with her new grandkids.

The trip was supposed to give the couple a hassle-free time away from the hustle-bustle and technically it should have been a win-win situation for all. Cut to the night before the couples’ departure the mother-in-law took to Facebook to express her excitement of visiting the same hotel she knew we were planning to reserve.

Moreover, the dates coincide which means she shall be interfering in the first few days of the duos’ trip. Even though she claims this to be a pure co-incidence yet her desire to have their meals together is putting her intentions under scrutiny.

For someone who doesn’t like long hours of traveling this sure seem to be well planned. The bride who has not yet booked the resort is now looking for alternatives. The brides’ post has gained a lot of support with our favorite one being from Neolara who called the mother-in-law weird for attempting to crash her own sons’ honeymoon and even went onto call her a fruitcake. We’re unsure as to what goes on in the head of this lady’s mother-in-law but we sure hope her good days aren’t wrecked.