This Student Found A Unique Solution To Banning Phones In Exam Room

Well, phones are banished from the examination hall, not music. It is not wrong to ban cell phones from examination halls, but who can give their exam without music. It is said that nothing is impossible, thus the solution to this problem is also possible. One of the students Eric Saueracker found the perfect solution for this problem.


Exams are already very stressful, and one would not like to add more stress without music. What is the point of acing an examination without some Kanye or Beyonce? Eric Saueracker found the solution to this stressful situation. He took his record player with him in the examination hall. Well, no one could question him because he played by the rules which stated no cell phones.

Not only did he find the perfect solution to the problem but also aced his Physics exam as well. You can cheat with your mobile phones with recordings and pictures on it, but with a record player, we doubt it. But if anyone has any issue you can surely ask them to check it. Other than that there is your face value as well. Well, Eric appeared to be a clean guy, so not much of a hassle for him.


Get your player checked and hope you have a good record with your teachers. Not too much of a reputation which has you in the bad books of your teachers. It would certainly affect you. Get your things checked before sitting in any examination. Well, Eric has a solution to your problem, but it is certain that more and more creative ideas will pop up with the course of time.

Try just to bring music on the records; there is no point of cheating when a little hard work can get you the desired results. Do not give your exam honestly for the sake of your teachers or parents, but do it for yourself. Do it to have a clear and guilty free conscious. Nothing is better than the feeling that you aced your examinations because of your hard work, determination, and efforts.


So, guys, it is probably time you get to work and find some more solutions to this problem because every problem has a solution. Another solution is to study way ahead for your exams which will reduce your stress on the day of examination. But there are cases where it does not matter how much you study, exams still make you nervous, jittery and stress you out. This is when such ideas prop up! Be sure that one such idea doesn’t come up in your mind!