This Woman Answers Her Family’s Annoying Questions About Her Date In The Most Hilarious Way

We all have a family and relatives who want every detail of your life. This woman took the risk of taking her date to a family vacation. However, she was all prepped up for the questions that were going to come her way, so had the best plan up her sleeves.

Mary, a 27-year-old writer planned a date with a guy she met at a wedding. All the things were so chaotic that the date was at the time when her family was on vacation. She was trying to sneak out and have a peaceful date without any questions.

But she decided to do the opposite instead. She ended up telling her relatives about the date who were vacationing at a place that was just an hour away from Miami.

She said, “We met at a wedding a few weeks prior to the date! He lives in Miami and I’m in New York so it seemed like a good place to meet up (since my family was vacationing just about an hour outside Miami).”

So, she prepared all the probable questions and the answers to them. She gave a pamphlet to all her family members that had all the questions and answers along with them.


Talking about how the family took the deed, she said, “They all have a great sense of humor! I am the youngest of 6 kids and my family is huge and super close. There were about 30 people on the trip so it was a lot of people to communicate the information to. They all laughed and had a good time with it.”

The idea was meant to go viral and people couldn’t stop praising her for her wit.

Also, people wanted to know how did the date go. Unfortunately, the guy soon ghosted her but she decides to focus on the positive side. She said, “But at least I got the pamphlet out of it.”