This Woman Broke All Hopes Of Her Husband By Putting The Jar Of Hope On Auction

Once you get occupied with all kinds of works in married life, you can’t focus on all the hopes your partner has from you. This wife decided to sell all the jars her husband had kept to fill with jam. Hence, she is about to sell the jars of hopes and dreams.


On a Kiwi site, TradeMe, a woman posted an auction of jars because she doesn’t want to fill them with jam.

Her husband bought a large collection of jam because he was hoping that she would help her get into making jam. However, she refuses to do it. She wrote, “I was brutally honest last week and told him that I really don’t have time for this dream (and neither does he) and I want the blessed things out of my basement. Now!”

People are divided on the sale. Some people are of the opinion that this would really hurt his feelings. However, some understand her intention of decluttering.

She further added, “Sixty jars of colorful preserved fruit my husband will never see lined up beautifully on the kitchen bench, with wifey proudly looking on at the end of the day… Obviously some also dusty from my years of refusing to get into preserving.”

A person was high on sarcasm when he wrote, “Will the jars come odor-free, specifically from the scent of ‘of your husband’s lingering resentment’.”

The wife was equally humorous while replying. She said, “Possibly a slight whiff of bitterness remaining but am sure it will clear soon.”

People felt sorry for the husband and their comments were just about feeling his pain.
The auction has managed to collect $200 ad will continue till December 5, 2019.