This Woman Explained The Things She Can’t Do With Her Giant Nails And The List Is Tiny

A woman always wants her nails on point. If you wonder how she gets things done then you gotta listen to what this woman has to say. She has a list of things she can’t do with those fake nails.

Nicki Naomi has recently shared a list of things that are tough to do if you have big nails.
She uploaded this list after receiving truckloads of backlash for embracing extended fake red nails. For people on Instagram thought that she couldn’t change her baby’s nappy.

Nicki has to say that she can do that without having any difficulty and she can even wipe her bum. We are just clarifying in case you thought she couldn’t.


Her post read, “For the people who are confused about women with long nails here are the top 10 things we can and can not do with extended nails (clears throat).

We can wipe our a** (why people think we walk around all day funk a**’ed is beyond me).

We can and do have corporate jobs (we ain’t all scammers).

We can type on the keyboard (it’s loud but kiss my a**).”

She added other things she can still do and they include braiding hair, changing diapers and tampons.

The things that she can’t do are little. The list read:

1. Not being able to pick up coins or credit cards from the floor.

2. Not being able to take cards out of an ATM machine.

3. Not being able to remove a wallet from a tight pocket.

She concluded by saying, “So the next time you see a woman with extended length nails, please… we are not helpless, we are not dirty booty b****es and we will drag tf out yo a**.”

Also, her message was for the public. She wrote, “This has been a public service announcement.”