Weird Mother-In-Law Gets A Matching Ring After Her Son Proposes

When we see a pretty ring on one’s finger, we sometimes tend to like it so much that we want to get one made for us ourselves. But what if the ring is the one that a daughter-in-law got on her engagement; how many mothers-in-law in the world can do such a thing as to like the ring so much, that they get one made for themselves?!


To some it sounds weird, to others, it doesn’t really matter. This woman anonymously took to Reddit, to ask if it is just she who finds her mother-in-law wearing the same ring as her being weird, or it was actually creepy. Her post was followed by long threads of comments coming from many husbands, wives, and mothers in law.

Being married for over two years now, the woman and her now-husband have been together for more than sixteen years now. Two years back, as the woman writes, she and her husband didn’t want any fancy ceremonies or loud celebrations for their wedding. They just wore nice clothes, did the paperwork and had dinner.


But her mother-in-law insisted that her son propose the woman again and that they celebrate it nicely. To the woman, it seemed a really nice gesture coming from her mother-in-law’s otherwise normal standards. She also helped her son buy a nice wedding ring for her. The mother-in-law took the family to a nice restaurant, held the couple’s daughter to keep their hands off of her while the son nicely proposes the woman, thus giving everyone at the restaurant, a sight of delight!

The woman happens to like the ring a lot. As she writes, her mother in law was embarrassed that it wasn’t a real diamond. But well, she liked it enough to get another one made for her. Apparently, when she ordered a ring for the woman, she ordered a copy for herself.

My MIL is wearing an identical copy of my engagement ring from JUSTNOMIL

The woman further writes that she asked her mother about the difference between the two rings and her mother apparently smiled and exclaimed that there was none. The mother-in-law has been wearing the ring on her left finger with her wedding band. This made the woman and her husband feel very weird as she writes.

To the son and the woman, it feels like their mother has been behaving out of boundaries. They have been living with the mother for some reasons which are unfortunate according to her. This makes them not wanting to point it out to the mother-in-law how this makes them feel weird.

The comments from a woman on the post read that it felt creepy to both her and her husband thinking about such a thing happening at their house. Some husbands themselves made creepy faces, while other comments read that she is making too much of a deal out of it. According to them, some women like to have a connection with their daughters-in-law. Her mother just happened to like a ring so much that she only wanted her and her daughter-in-law to possess it, which is nothing but sweet they say!