Wife Finds Out Husband Uses Hidden Camera To Spy On Her

It is truly said that trust is one of the building blocks of a good relationship. If people don’t have trust among themselves, it takes nothing but a small misunderstanding or doubt to make them fall apart. A woman who had been with her husband for over a decade couldn’t even think what was going on in his mind.


The woman took to Reddit’s Relationship Advice forum to share her story in the hope of receiving a stance on the situation. This lady recently found out that she was wrong about the mutual trust between her and her husband. According to her, her husband had covertly installed a hidden camera in their house. She also added that the camera was made to look like a smoke alarm, but when she found out what it really was, she was appalled and sickened by it. She doesn’t even know if she’ll ever be able to forgive him for doing something so betraying to her.

In her Reddit post she described how her husband was doubtful about her cheating on him. She also added that on the other hand, he admits that she wasn’t capable of doing such a thing since her guilty conscience is excessively high. Her husband even confronted her about it once but she sorted it all out and thought that it was settled. Sadly, she was proven wrong when a random Amazon package was delivered to their house.

Even though she didn’t open it, she was skeptical about it since the couple shared the Amazon account and there were no scheduled deliveries for that day. Later, she saw that it was a smoke detector and it had been installed above the toilet in their bathroom by her husband. When she questioned him about it, he didn’t really give her a proper reply about it. After looking into it, she discovered that it was a camera and not a smoke alarm. When she confronted her husband about it, he said that he wanted to find out if she was cheating and that a hidden camera was the best way to do it.

According to her, there were only a few recordings on the camera but that didn’t make the feeling of disgust leave her heart. Her husband admitted that it was a crazy thing to do but he says that it was his immense love and care that made him do it. He also promised that he wouldn’t ever do such a thing again. The woman found his excuse completely stupid and according to her, if you love and care for a person, that’s not what you do.

She also added in her Reddit post that she’s at a crossroads since her husband wants to fix things between them. She asked the people if anyone has ever gone through something similar and if yes, what did they do. She’s worried that it might break her family apart but she also believes that she won’t ever be able to fix it with him after what he did.

Many people responded to the post and shared their views. A person commented that there could be a chance that her husband was projecting and that he was the one cheating. Another person wrote how they had been in a similar relationship once and that it was awful. A third person said that jealousy isn’t love and that her husband was jealous and insecure and needed therapy.