Wife Struggling With Fertility Issues Finds Out Husband Has 8-Year-Old Son With Ex

For all those who have to face it, they know how crushing fertility issues can be. A couple has been trying to get pregnant for years. A woman did not know how to react when her mother-in-law dropped the bomb that her partner has an 8-year-old child with his ex.


The couple has been married for five years now and were together for two years before that. After a relationship of seven years, the couple was trying to get pregnant but were unable. They have tried various doctors, treatments, methods, and options to get pregnant but no use.

After countless stillbirths and miscarriages, the couple has made peace with the fact that they cannot be biological parents and should try other things such as adoption for becoming parents. But her mother-in-law does not know about how bad the situation is. She does not know fully about the treatments, countless stillbirths, and miscarriages. She kept pushing the couple for more information.

Her mother-in-law was residing with the couple for some days and at dinner time decided to play jugular. She then said something which shocked the wife because she thought she knew the man she married and it turns out that even after 7 years of knowing each other she does know everything about him.

I (27F) recently found out my husband (38M) has a child, thanks to my wonderful MIL from relationship_advice

The mother-in-law asked her husband to contact his ex as she gave him a baby already. That is when she was shocked. The shock was an understatement for a couple of minutes. She did not believe what she had heard. She never knew about the 8-year-old son her husband has with his ex. She shared, “I’ve asked for as much space as possible, but I don’t know what to do.” It was obvious that this piece of information will cause a rift between the couple.

The readers spared no minute and filled the comments section. One wrote: “Advice? Leave him, now. How can you stay with someone who lied to you for years, and apparently abandoned his child?” Another wrote: “Yikes. Seven years into a relationship, and you find out he has an 8-year-old? That’s a pretty gnarly secret for him to hold onto.”

A third commenter wrote: “Man, your MIL did you a favor. I’d really like to know more why he’s not in the child’s life. Like what else is he hiding? That’s a massive red flag.” The wife shared that after this piece of information came to light her husband did confirm that his ex was pregnant but also said that she never told whether it was his baby or not.

That makes him even more insensitive. The least he could do was confirm that whether it was his baby or not? Many couples are trying to get pregnant including them and are unable to get pregnant because of many reasons and he let go of the happiness of being a father to a sweet boy 8 years ago.

The couple can surely work on their relationship, by spending time with each other or going to a couple’s counseling session or something. But only if the wife wants to do it.