Woman Bets Her Boyfriend £100 For Not Drinking, He Has A Brilliant Idea

“Let’s make a bet!” This is a common statement to hear when you are with your friends and they are in the mood for some challenge (that’s most of the time actually!). Here, a woman made one with her boyfriend for £100 putting a ban on his drinking. He agreed to the best happily but what he did later is hilarious.


We all make bets in a healthy way (of course) and the results turn out to be really interesting at times. Some genius minds make a great move to win the best and not suffer for even a second. They know how to play the game!

You can call Jamie Stokes, 27, as one of those geniuses who didn’t give up when his girlfriend, Chloe Woodland put a drinking ban on him and bet him £100. That is a big amount and Stokes was ready to take it.

All he had to do was not gulp down more than one glass of alcoholic drink for the next few days. He completes this and those £100 will be in his pocket. Sounds easy! However, Stokes wanted to give it a twist and make a “creative” win here.

Stokes wanted to enjoy his drinks (as many as he can) and also make some money while he savors his booze. So, he activated his smart mind and found a perfect way to get what he wanted. He analyzed his girlfriend’s exact statement she said while putting forward the deal and found a major flaw that he could take advantage of.

He discovered that Chloe never mentioned the size or type of the glass that he could use for that “one drink”.

This guy posted the entire challenge and his trick of winning it on Facebook. He uploaded the video in which he can be heard saying, “Apparently I’m drinking too much. Way too much, apparently.”


Stokes said that he doubted himself initially on this. He wasn’t sure if he could manage with just one glass a night. But then he just went ahead and bought a new glass!

In the video, you can spot a huge glass filled with booze and it was equivalent to seven pints. That’s too much and he just turned around the whole bet! He could not control his excitement on camera and just felt proud of his excellent trick to win £100.

Stokes said, “My missus burst out laughing when she seen it. Well, she only said one glass – she didn’t say what glass.”

There was another big question that arose after people saw that big glass of liquor in the video. Was he successful in reaching the end of the glass?

He revealed, “I struggled to finish it to be honest – there was still some left in the bottom.” He added that he won’t surrender and is chasing that money.

We are sure that this couple had fun with this bet and its execution. The guy definitely found a hilarious way to deal with the situation. He deserves all that money!