Woman Captured Embarrassing Moment Colleagues Heard Her Ranting On Zoom

The post Covid life has been a turning point for everybody in every sphere be it education, fitness and office meetings for that matter. Though, everyone has gained dependence to this online system for almost everything, however it also comes with its cons. Recently, a sales woman had got herself into trouble when she’d realized that her dramatic rant about working from home was broadcasted over the ongoing zoom call and was heard by her new colleagues.


Alexandra Ceberio, 24-year-old, the unlucky sales worker, was accidently heard while she was having a long and dramatic rant about her work from home with her friends, gazing at the laptop just to ensure that she was camera ready. Who’d known that this rant would turn into an embarrassing reality which might make her awkwardly caught by her friends. For her, it was no less than a Zoom Nightmare.

A famous media user, namely Allyvert had captured the mortifying moment on her phone and had uploaded the same last week. The video was able to gather more than 900,000 views and over 166,000 likes.

Alexandra, had been seen complaining to her phone camera during her break in which she’d thought she’d turn her zoom mic off. She’d filmed herself saying that her work from home was fit for her that day, but because of all this embarrassment, she’d to get ready and everyone else had their cameras off. She’d got that frizzy gym hair from that day’s work out session.

She seemed quite vexed at the entire situation as she continued her angry monologue, which had to be apparently cut short by one of the coworkers, who’d thought it was right moment for them to interrupt her commentary.


In a recent video posted on social media, her colleagues could be heard in background, who’d been seen waving and saying, hey guys. They continued by saying that they could hear her, just so that she could be aware, because her face had frozen out of fear.

The petrified woman had recently started the new sales job, and as of yesterday, still had it despite of the hilarious blunder she’d committed.

The reactions to this blunder were also quite hilarious. One had expressed his feelings along with laughing and crying emojis, that it was his biggest fear in the world. Another person shared his experience and mentioned that he was once yelling at his dog during his staff meeting, while his mic wasn’t on mute mode. His boss also had spoken something similar.

In a follow up video, Alexandra had showed followers that she’d make sure that her next Zoom calls are on mute mode with camera off. It would definitely be safe to mention that a lesson was learnt.