Woman Discovers MIL’s Plans Of Preventing Her From Getting An Epidural

The journey of giving birth to a new life form is just amazing. It is one of the biggest blessing women are gifted with. A woman who is about to give birth has complete right over her pregnancy and it is up to her how she embraces this beautiful journey. This mom-to-be recently found out how her MIL was trying to block her from getting an epidural by going through her husband.

The mother-to-be uncovered her Mother-in-law’s plans while she was deleting junk mails from her Husband’s phone and came across their conversation. She was stunned after discovering that her MIL was consistently trying to convince her husband to stop her from getting an epidural. Getting an epidural or not is completely a woman’s decision and she was no one to interfere in that matter.

The mom-to-be shared her story on Reddit. She was furious about how her MIL was taking decisions for her while only she knew what was best for her and her baby. After reading her story most of the comments were on her side and agreed that her MIL should not interfere in this matter. She wrote how MIL texted her husband that she “strongly believed’ that she should not get an epidural. The MIL also added “As a mother she is supposed to be able to take the pain”.

Her MIL crossed all the lines after she blamed that an epidural was the reason for her elder son’s behavioral issues. MIL warned the mom-to-be’s husband saying things like “long term mental effects those drugs have.” “You do not want Dear Son Two behaving that way,” the MIL continued. “Please please be a man and do not allow her to get one.” Reading all this was infuriating for her, aggressively she wrote “My body, my rules!!” Explaining, she stated: “Our Dear Son One is hyper, healthy, and not beaten and regimented. He’s a little wild, and stubborn; won’t hug or interact with people he doesn’t know well and independent. He’s also 2 years old!!!”


She mentioned that her MIL had epidurals during all of her five pregnancies. When she went through the same it was fine but why was she interfering when her Daughter-in-law decided to do the same. One commenter advised “Since she is requesting [expletive], your turn comes in the form of HER not seeing your baby,”. “She withholds meds, you withhold squish.” Some of the readers were curious about her husband’s reaction. One commenter asked her “What the actual [expletive]?!! What was your husband’s response to this conversation last Friday?”

After few days she posted a follow up happy note to her post that her husband is completely in her support and they both have decided to not to be in contact with his mother anymore until the pregnancy. Both the husband and wife made a decision that the mom-to-be will not talk to her until the birth and her whole maternity leave. We hope that this action of her will have a great impact in her MIL’s life and will teach her not to interfere in other’s matter until one is asked for.