Woman Finds Out How Her Husband Uses The Minky Cloth In The Bathroom

Mrs. Hinch was left dumbstruck after discovering the newly invented use of a Minky cloth by her husband. When she shared the matter with people on Facebook, she even received an advice of changing her husband after this.


The online sensation, Sophie Hinchcliffe was considered as a cleaning guru by many people online. When she shared a video capturing her favorite household products, people were so impressed with her choice. Her cleaning fans across UK, rushed out to buy the same cleaning products she shared in her video. There was a wide range of cleaning products that were shared by Mrs. Hinch which even included cloths such as Zoflora and Minky.

However, a fan of the cleaning guru was left utterly astonished as she shared an unexpected use of the Minky cloth by her husband. She shared a conversation between her and her husband with fellow Hinchers on the Facebook group, Mrs. Hinch made me do it. The conversation left the Hinchers extremely horrified. She explained how her husband started asking weird questions while changing in the bathroom.

The question that hit her mind the most was, “What do you use a Minky cloth for?”. Firstly, he pointed out the presence of a Minky cloth in their bathroom followed by asking about its usage. She quickly became suspicious of something fishy happening around. Moving on, her husband asked if she used that cloth for cleaning the toilet in a concerned voice. In addition, he praised the Minky cloth for being “good” and “thick”.

All this made her suspect his odd questioning round about the Minky. Finally, the husband admitted using the cloth for cleaning his armpits. His answer came like a bolt from the blue and Mrs. Hinch became furious after hearing it. She replied, “Ffs man! That’s my minky”. When Sophie informed her husband about the actual use of Minky cloth, he started worrying about his armpit hairs getting bleached.


On the contrary, Mrs. Hinch was more concerned about getting a new Minky cloth. When she shared the conversation on her Facebook page, hundreds of people liked and commented on the post. People found the situation a hilarious one and started suggesting their beloved cleaning guru to ditch her husband over it.

One fellow user passed on a really funny comment suggesting her to bin her husband and save the Minky instead. Another user advised her to have a new husband. People started mentioning their own experiences in the comment section. A person stated the situation in which the user’s father used flash wipes instead of the Andrex wipes. Similarly, one more user added how the user’s mother mistook the minky cloth for a sanitary towel.

Not only this, she warned its stuff to be itchy. One of the commenters wrote, “My daughter nicked my new Minky for fake tan”. A sixth person pitied over the poor minky. Many put forward hilarious suggestions for Sophie along with mentioning some of their own funny cleaning mishaps.