Woman Hijacks Hair Salon’s Facebook Page And Sends Bizarre Messages

People filled with a vengeance are the most dangerous creatures on this planet. They can go to any length to put the things in shambles. A salon named Eyes ‘N’ Brows was bruised severely when its former employee hacked its Facebook page. She resorted to fake reviews and even used rude words to reply to the inquiries of the customers.

The matter broke out in the public domain when a woman named Courtney Barrow took to her Twitter handle to share her experience. The woman made an inquiry about some eyelash based thing on the commercial Facebook page of the salon. But she was taken aback to see the reply that she got from the other side. It was full of rude words. To expose the services of the salon, she tweeted the picture of the chat. It could be seen that she asked for an appointment for semi-permanent eyelashes.

After taking the cognizance of the whole matter, Uzma-the owner of the salon brought the truth into the light. She shared that the page was hacked by its former employee. Thus, the other employees had been denied access to the control of the commercial page. Uzma said that the alleged hacker had worked with the salon for two months. According to her, she might be disgruntled. They did not know if she was doing it on purpose or if she was getting people to write fake reviews.


The Facebook page of the salon was smeared with some shocking reviews. One of them said that the reviewer came to the salon for a pedicure. The woman -who was doing the nails- had been eating a Greggs Sausage roll. She continued her eating part while doing the nails. Also, it shared that the person ended up paying £20 for the pastry crumb toenails. In the end, the soul was filled with rage and regret.

Another review put the reputation of the salon into shambles. It said that one of the employees had taken out a bottle of Hellman’s mayonnaise as the person sat down. Then she went on massaging it into her cuticles.

Well, that was at its height. Not just the reviews but some souls too turned up to appear for interviews and appointments at the salon. But they returned back disheartened as the salon did not arrange any of them. The salon in Bury had a tough time in dealing with ruckus created on its Facebook page. Though it was not certain whether the reviews were fake or genuine. But the news of fake interviews was doing the rounds in that area.

If one goes by the justification put forward by the store owner then the former employee certainly had taken a violent trail. She had breached the limits and had given an obnoxious touch to the whole matter. The salon had to toil hard to face its wrath.