Woman In Stitches After Realizing Her Photo In The Passport Was Edited

A TikTok user named Katie sent the laughter waves rolling across the platform with her passport photograph. Katie had gone for her passport photo with a bun. But it was too big to be suitable for that photo in the travel document. So the staff there took matters into their hand. They edited her bun, leading to a hilarious photo.


Things don’t always go the ideal way. A single miss can lead to blunders in one’s life. Sometimes, the results evolve on the fore with a hilarious touch. They stay long to make people recall the strange moments in one’s life. And, photographs take the responsibility on their shoulders to savor that part. A TikTok named Katie lived that fact when she received her passport with her unrecognizable picture on it.

Katie was up for getting herself a passport. She made it to the concerned officials to clear all the formalities. It was then when she had to get herself snapped for a passport picture. Unfortunately, the woman did not have the picture part in her mind. She got there with an unsuitable hairstyle. She was having a hair bun when she stepped in for her passport picture. But it was too big for a passport picture. Thinking to be unavoidable, they captured her in that hairstyle. But after that, they decided to take matters into their hands.

They ended up giving it a cut to make it look perfect and adhere to the stipulated standards. Going ahead for that, they removed her awful bun from the picture. But their editing made her look significantly different in the photograph. Thus, Katie received a blot from the blues when she received her passport carrying the edited version of the picture. She could barely recognize herself in the picture. Not just that, she also managed to catch the hilarious side of the whole incident. As a result, the woman could not prevent herself from having a hearty laugh at the picture.


Thinking to be a perfect picture for the social media world, she went ahead to share it on TikTok. She explained the incident and put her before and after picture for comparison by the viewers. Taking on that part, she wrote, “Wore a bun to get my passport pictures but they said it was too big so they just had to cut it off.”

To her delight, it managed to tickle the funny bones of the social media users around. Like her, they also ended up cherishing some shrieks of laughter. The post managed to rake in more than 600,000 views. Not just that, they also came up to flood that post with their comments.

Highlighting the hilarious tone of the edited picture, one of them commented, “Went from Katie to Kyle.” Another user turned up to add to that note by writing, “Not me thinking they cut your hair off.” One soul took to the platform to share their part of the story by commenting, “LMAO girl! Mine looks the same. And I tried to put it down but they said you can no longer have your hair on the shoulders.”

Another person expressed their amusement by saying, “I’m dead. I’m sorry for laughing so hard at this.” But there was also one soul who pointed to the blunder she made on her part: “Why would you wear a bun for a picture that’s going to last at least ten years.”

Thus, the photograph has become indeed immortal!