Woman In Wedding Gown Ambushed Fiancé At Work Place Calling For Marriage

A bride to be, who had been engaged for two years, invaded her fiancé’s workspace in a wedding dress, along with her bridesmaid and priest. She wanted her fiancé to marry her at that moment in front of everyone. Wearing a beautiful white wedding gown and a bouquet in her hand, she was looking for her fiancé, who was managing the shelves with Halloween costumes, not knowing of anything which was happening inside the store.


A huge crowd had accumulated in the store to watch the scene. The melodramatic situation was captured by a person with the user name @boymom ashley and uploaded on TikTok. The video received a lot of responses. The clip was watched more than five million times and was bombarded with 580,000 likes and counting. The drama was captured in two clips separately.

In the first clip, the bride gave her man the option to either marry her right there or end the two-year-long engagement. She could be heard saying, “Yeah we’re getting married right now or I’m leaving, I’m out. I’m done, like if you don’t marry me this second. I brought a pastor, I brought Emily, and she’s my bridesmaid.”

The woman looked at the bystanders and tried to convey that she is only seeking a commitment from her man. Her fiancé was standing there astonished and confused while the whole drama unfolded. The onlookers present there were in her support and appreciated her brave gesture. The crowd also tried to stimulate the man to do it by cheering for them.

The person who uploaded the video on TikTok felt that it was the best part of his week to watch the women find her fiancé and get him to marry her. After a long dramatic situation, the couple decided to move out and have a conversation away from the crowd. The employee at the shop was puzzled about what was going on in the shop.

The second part of the clipping which was uploaded by the user received over16000 comments. This video received mixed reactions from the viewers. A person quoted the whole situation as a ‘wedding ambush’. Another person had a viewpoint that if you have to compel and pressurize someone to marry you then that person is not that correct partner for you.

A viewer commented, “Red flags. Don’t do it, that’s crazy and very unrealistic. It’s not quirky, funny, or romantic. That was ridiculous of her.” Few people felt sad for the man as it might be discomforting and awkward for him to withstand such a situation. A chunk of the audience was unable to resist the fact that the bride was wearing a fanny pack and the bridesmaid dress was not properly done as the zipper at the back was unfinished. It was surprising to see that the priest was supportive of what was happening at the shop.

Both the parts of the clipping were taken differently by the viewers. However, it was not sure that the couple got married that day.