Woman Invites Applications For Potential Boyfriends And Is Swamped With Responses

You waste your time when you do not enjoy your date, it seems like an awkward interview in which you wish you never sat. To avoid such awkward interviews not going is not a solution but then what is? Well, one woman has figured what should be done and is over with the first step of her solution.

Arantza Fahnbulleh has found the appropriate solution to boring dates. She invited applications from her prospective admirers for her future dates. The comedian and actress had enough of boring dates and now wanted to weed out the unnecessary headache of boring dates. She created a list of specifications and questions as if one is applying for a job. She put some extra questions making the application tough to get only interested people for her dates. She believes more information is always good and helpful.


She posted a video on her Instagram account explaining the new process of selecting her boyfriends and invited applications for her new boyfriend. Since she is single she is all set for the applications to arrive. One can see the full questionnaire on her Twitter account. With every next question, the depth and meaning of the question grow. She and her questions were inspired by an individual she was interested in.

The application started with a brief introduction of what she wants. That included her explaining that there will be no limitations to one’s career and equal opportunities will be there for both of them. Then like any other application, some personal information was asked. The next page was a bit bold because the heading of the questions was “Applying for Daddy.” Arantza believes that it is better to have a daddy rather have a bae or boyfriend because one’s daddy will want you to excel and will always support and encourage you no matter what.


The job description “Daddy” had nothing to do with age and finances, but finance is always a plus for her. She asked the time one will be able to devote to their relationship and will the person be available for overtime. One can surely confuse it with a job application. She then asked about transportation facilities available with the applicant, several years he has been staying in the US, asked about substance and liquor. You think of a question and it was there on the application she created.

She knew that she will get a good response but 500 applications and more on their way is a huge success for her gamble. She is very happy about that but apparently, her team is not. Her team has now to manage her shows, security, screening of more team force and now screening of her potential boyfriend on their to-do list.