Woman Left Mean ‘Compliment’ On Preemie’s Birth Announcement

Despite happiness all around in their own lives, some people just can’t stand by the contentment of others. The harsh reality of humans is that they feel jealous of each other and deep down, the worst thing is that sometimes they are your own family members. Cleverly they can trap you in their words and actions as they care for you but from the inside, they think the exact opposite of that.


A similar case came up on Reddit wherein a woman was so upset with her mother in law who congratulated cold-heartedly to a mutual friend for her premature baby. Explaining her misery on Reddit, she commented that her MIL cannot just congratulate without leaving an insincere comment. She mentioned in her post that her friend gave a very difficult birth with a lot of pain. According to her, it was quite possible either one of them, the baby or the mother wouldn’t have survived during the procedure. But luckily, by God’s grace and doctor’s efforts both of them were alive and doing fine. However, the baby was premature and looks very sensitive.

Yet, her companion needed to celebrate so she posted the infant’s name and date of birth on the web. Most of the people extended a warm congratulations to the new mother but the OP’s mother in law was not one of them. She pitilessly commented, “It looks weak and very small. Congratulations, praying for you.” This took the OP by shock and she was so disappointed. She mentioned that nobody has yet confronted her but soon she would get called for this insincere comment.

Many viewers paid attention to the scenario and were disappointed in the mother in law extremely. The audience was upset because not only she used the words weak and small but also referred the baby to as “IT”. One of the commentators was so angry that he mentioned that he would take this lady to Reddit’s a-hole forum if he was related to the baby personally. Another mentioned that this was not only a “backhanded comment” rather it was an insult. A third one jumped in and stated sarcastically that this was the same generation who taught her in preschool that if you want to say something, say it nicely or don’t say it at all.

However, the mother-in-law deleted the comment later but that was only because she got an earful from their friend’s mother. The new grandma told the MIL of OP that what she commented was highly unacceptable and that their strong friendship of 20 years was now over. The OP recalled that her MIL sobbed a lot on the call and explained that she didn’t mean the comment in a destructive manner and according to her it was just surveillance.

But the OP strictly follows that one should not think out loud and every thought should not be publicized. The OP’s husband reminded his mother that she should respect other’s boundaries and be more careful in future and rethink before saying anything to anyone.