Woman Pranked Parents By Replacing Photos With Crayon Drawings

Graphic Designer, Kristen Vogler pranked her parents in the most subtle way possible. She replaced the family photographs on the wall one by one until she was caught in the act.


Quarantine was interesting in the beginning but we guess everyone has had enough of it. Most of us have moved the furniture around, unleashed our inner artist, and painted the walls with some crazy graffiti. Now, we just need to get out of our houses and have that social life which was once an important thing for us.

Kristen planned to prank her parents by changing the family photos hung on the wall with her terrible crayon drawings. She decided to replace one photo a day until she gets caught.

In her post on Facebook, she told that replacing the photos was not easy. She further added that she hid in the bathroom to clutch photo frames.

Day 1: She replaced the first photo. She had bet on how long it would take her parents to notice the picture. The photo replaced is of her grandparents.

Day 2: She face-timed her grandparents for an hour near the wall with frames. Gladly, her grandparents did not catch the prank. This led her to draw another photo and replace the original when her parents had gone out for a walk.

Day 3: Another day, another photo frame changed. In her post, she said about the door beside the photo frames and the high frequency of it being used a day.

I had to put some of my new down time to good use šŸ˜

Posted by Kristen Vogler Design on Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 4: Her mother wanted to make a twitter account. This gave her goosebumps and a feeling of getting caught. She had been posting updates about the prank on her account. Cheers to the feature of locked profiles which saved her day.

Day 5: She found it difficult to select a photo that would go unnoticed and the crayon smell coming from her hands annoyed her a bit.

Day 6: It had been raining in the previous days. Luckily, she was able to send her mother for a walk before it rained.

Day 7: It was time to change the Christmas theme photos. She regretted her decision of guessing with days rather weeks.

Day 8: She never thought she would ever make it here.

Day 9: Now, only 3 photo frames were left. Also, she wanted to apologize to her art teachers for her great drawing skills.

Day 10: It was Easter. She told her mother was nice enough to hide Easter eggs for her while on the other hand, she changed her firstbornā€™s photo.

Day 11: She almost got caught in the act of replacing the photo frame but the washroom came to her rescue. Nobody had noticed the photo frames till day.

But a few hours later she was caught. By then she had changed her senior photo. She would like to believe it was this photo that caught her parentā€™s attention. She was able to capture her parent’s reaction to finding out about the prank on her phone.

Kristen was more than knee-deep in this prank. She now decided to finish the photo frames as only one was left. She changed the last frame on Day 12.

We would like to say that pranking your loved ones gives you a lot of joy and keeps everyone entertained. We would like you to try a few pranks as well, obviously only safe ones.