Woman Receives Chewbacca Roar Calls From Strangers After Ex Posted Her Phone Number

An Australian mom had been receiving several roaring sounds which happened to be quite funny in the beginning, but then increased her miseries as it started coming with no time bounds. And it all began when she broke up with her then-boyfriend, and he posted her phone number in his neighborhood to create a Chewbacca roar contest.


The mom of three, Jessica from Queensland is now infuriated as she’s been receiving tons of messages from Wookies for two weeks since she broke up. Besides, her ex-boyfriend did it to take revenge, and it seemed funny and childish initially. Her ex-boyfriend’s Star Wars-themed plot had an advertisement offering $100 for the best Chewbacca impression.

So, he had put several posters around Cairns in northern Queensland comprising a Hans Solo’s shaggy sidekick and Jessica’s phone number, seeking revenge after she ended a three-year relationship. But now, the situation has become worse than ever, with Jessica receiving calls at 1 am as well. She says that this is the most childish breakup she ever had. If he’d told her that he didn’t love her anymore and wanted to move on, it could be better for both.

But for now, she is left inundated with hundreds of calls from people trying to make the best impression. She informed the news broadcaster: “I’m getting phone calls at really strange hours of the night about one o’clock to about four o’clock, eh.” What she anticipated to be a mere joke had now turned into a huge discomfort. The frequent phone calls wake her kids up early in the morning.

She hopes to get rid of this contest. Instead, her situation worsened when the incident went viral on Twitter, and several prank lovers called it to be the “story of the year.” Moreover, she felt frustrated when people didn’t recognize her problem so well. She added: “Someone called and said they thought it might have been done as a joke because they watched (a man) put up the poster. It hurts my feelings.”

Meanwhile, Jessica had also requested the Wookiees to stop calling her in the middle of the night. Then, she had to call the police as her ex had crossed the threshold by dumping his car with its tires removed in her driveway to block the place. She informed: “The police got in contact with me and finally they’re going to do something about it.”

The reason she broke up is that she had logged into his Facebook account, only to find out that he had been texting other women too. And now, his actions have proven that she did the right thing. She had expected him to be mature, but just having a job doesn’t qualify someone for that. Besides, she has put up new hope for Wookiees to win her heart. Now, if anyone can make a real Chewbacca sound, she may choose to marry him.