Woman Receives Over 60 Free Drinks From Strangers After She Updated Her Location On An App

We might not expect people to be kind in every situation, but certain instances surprise us in this matter. The credit can be given to technology as well. This is why - Perri Game had a surprising experience with the Wetherspoons app as she received over 60 drinks from random people after she updated the details on the app.

It was Sunday night and Perri Game, 25, decided to go out for drinks with her friend. They were at The Bear in Maidenhead and Perri came up with the idea of using the Wetherspoons app. This latest app is proving the advancement of technology by making it easy for people to order drinks to a table without actually being present at the pub.

This sounds impressive and people are all in for the concept of remote ordering!

The user only needs to know the table number and the name of the bar to place an order for that particular table. The visitors can update the details for the people to view.

Perri mentioned her table number and the pub name on the app and what happened next was unexpected!

She was expecting a few drinks from the strangers on the internet, but the number kept increasing. Her table was full of glasses and they kept coming.

Apart from the drinks, people ordered snacks for her as well. She was shocked to receive such a response! She was equally amused by the whole situation as the staff at the bar was baffled by this new “technique” of ordering drinks. They had not witnessed any of this before!

She later said in an interview, “We had to make friends with a group of strangers to help us drink the drinks because there were only two of us out.”

Perri could not hole her excitement at that moment and tweeted the pictures of her “loaded” table. The booze was also accompanied by glasses of milk and bowls full of peas.


Imagine having all this in front of you and not having to spend a penny after savoring them!

Perri revealed that the total number of drinks that reached her table was more than 60.

The table was attacked by Cocktail jugs, 20 shots, apple juice and glasses which contained drinks of every kind. There was no end. She said, “At the end, we asked the staff to stop making the drinks and just keep them for themselves because it was getting out of hand.”

Her first experience with the app was quite overwhelming in a positive way. When people come forward and act in a thoughtful way, it surely is amazing to experience.