Woman Refused To Have Kids To Honor Mom’s Dying Wish

To fulfill the wishes of our loved ones when they die is considered as very important and a kind gesture of honoring their life and legacy. Mostly, the will to uphold their wishes is easily established and their unfulfilled desires are easy to accomplish. However, many a times the path of fulfilling the wishes of a dying person is full of tough challenges.


The desire to keep two sisters in touch or organizing a weekend trip to one’s favorite place is simple and might bring peace to the loved ones a person has just lost. But there are people like a Reddit user’s mother who asked her for something not so simple. The 33-year old woman was living a happy married life with a few pets and no stress of raising children. However, her life brought a sudden change when her 67-year old mother, a cancer survivor, was recently diagnosed with another, more aggressive form of tumor. She already had untreated mental issues that were suspected to be caused by BPD.

According to the woman, she and her mother were not close enough as the mental issues of her mother made her growth years hell. In addition, the anxiety caused by the disorder made her mother control her daughter’s life to make it more like hers. The most frequently disagreeable topic between them was of having children. Her mother loved babies and desperately wanted to become a grandmother from the moment she found out she was having a daughter. After the diagnosis, she called her mother to check on her and discovered her last wish to have a grandbaby.

According to her mother, the doctors gave her about a year to live and she pleaded her to get pregnant at that time so she could potentially meet the baby in her last year alive. Unfortunately for this woman’s mother, the Reddit user was happily and intentionally childless. After discovering her last wish, she immediately said no as she and her spouse did not want a kid. In response to her refusal, many of her mother’s friends, who in the past supported her decision, were calling her a horrible selfish child for not fulfilling the last wish. They were pointing at her spouse and the fact that they could easily afford a child and already had more space in their home than they need.

When she posted this matter on Reddit, she gained a mix response. One of the users said that she was really mature, responsible and smart to not have a child to appease another person. In the user’s opinion, a child is not a toy that could be returned but actually one would be responsible for the child for at least two decades, just to please her mother in her last times. People were really impressed with her decision and agreed to the fact that nobody could pressure a person to have children and it is important to understand that “Only people who want to have children should have children”.