Woman Regrets Cutting Her Dog’s Hair Herself After It Turns Out Funny

There are times when you regret doing stuff you shouldn’t have done yourself. One such time came into Susana’s life. She tried an act of professionalism herself without any guidance from the professionals and it came out to be hilariously funny. She was so confident in her ability but the results were not up to the mark.


After her act of stupidity, Susana realized why experience and professionalism go hand in hand with accuracy. Susana Soares’ beloved dog, Mano, who is a Yorkshire Terrier received an incredible haircut from her owner which proved to be a hasty decision. She thought that she would do an outrageously amazing job in providing her dog with a beautiful haircut, however she failed at the task humorously. The result proved that she took the decision too quickly and her dog has to face the consequences by looking humorous for quite a long time.

By profession, Susana is a hairdresser in Blumenau, Santa Catarina region of Brazil. Being a hairdresser by trade, she was supposed to give Mano an amazing haircut but it came out that giving haircuts to dogs was far different from giving haircuts to humans. And this was not just because they’ll titbit the magazine you give them but the techniques were entirely different. Actually, it had been ages since Mano went to a hairstylist and got a cut. His fur had started blocking his vision making it uncomfortable to roam properly.

At that point, Susan took out her barber scissors and thought of helping her boy out. Nevertheless, the results were inadvertently sidesplitting and left Susan in laughter tears. She tried to mimic what we call “Karen haircut” and poor Mano was looking helplessly funny. Amusingly, to Susan’s bright fate, he did not ask to talk to her manager. However, it would not be wrong to say that the tiny fringes would have looked amazing on a human but on Mano’s fluffy and fleecy face, it looked absolutely bizarre and hilarious. Mano looked completely comical roaming in the tiny fringes.

Having no qualms, Susan shared with The Dodo that she felt on the floor laughing when she witnessed Mano with that particular look. She found her handiwork embarrassing yet funny. She was lucky that Mano liked his new look as it helped him see properly and clearly. The incident gave Susan a lesson for a lifetime and she wouldn’t dare to put Mano back on her hairdresser’s chair again any time now. Humorously, failure put some sense in her head and made her realize that dogs and humans are two very different creations of God that need different groomers.