Woman Warns This Girl About Her Boyfriend’s Cheating Episode And Things Get Weird

Your friends always have your back when you are in a relationship and things don’t look good! But, imagine having a stranger inform you something fishy about your partner. This girl experienced something similar and unexpected happened!


Relationships witness quite a few ups and downs, but when there is cheating involved, things take a turn for the worse. What are the possible sources of knowing that your partner is no more dating just “you”? Your friends or family, right?

However, in this incident, a stranger reached out to a girl to make her aware of some weird stuff related to her boyfriend.

Jasmine wasn’t expecting a message from Rebekah as they had never really met in person. Rebekah had been following her on Twitter as they studied at the same university.

Rebekah text to Jasmine read, “Hey girl…I recognize who I think is your boyfriend in the library from all y’alls pictures on here and he’s with a girl and he’s being kind of touchy with her. I have full on been cheated on before and girl to girl, I’d want to know.”

This text was not the only thing sent over by Rebekah. She took a picture of the guy and the girl he was being “touchy” within the library. She wrote in the message that she is willing to fight him as she understands what it feels like to be stuck!

We know what you are thinking – the guy called trouble for himself! Turns out the guy was completely innocent!

Yes, it wasn’t what it seemed like to be. The guy spotted by Rebekah at the library was the identical twin of Jasmine’s boyfriend. What a twist in the tale!


When Jasmine saw the picture, she immediately knew that he wasn’t her boyfriend but his brother with his girlfriend.

Jasmine tweeted about this confusion and clarified everything. She expressed that she is thankful to Rebekah for having her back.

Things might have sounded complex in the beginning, but it ended on an amusing note! We are glad people are putting such great efforts to help others, in fact, strangers!