Woman Was Embarrassed After Realizing She Mistook A Man For Louis Theroux

A woman posted a video on social media sharing her awkward encounter with a man who, she thought, looked like Louis Theroux. She was highly drunk when she met this man and took some photos with him. It was not until the next morning that she realized the blunder. Nonetheless, she found it funny and posted a video about the incident.


Everyone in this world has a fantasy of meeting celebrities once in their life. We often recognize someone else as them especially under the influence of alcohol. The same mistake was committed by a woman who went for a night out at a seaside resort with a friend. Veronica Glendenning posted a video on TikTok which consisted of the photos that she took with a man she recognized as British-American Journalist, Louis Theroux.

When Veronica saw the man, he was having some beer. He reminded her of the famous TV writer. Veronica got excited and wanted to click some photos with the man. The man also decided to go with the flow. However, he looked a little guilty in the third photo that they took. The video Veronica posted was a big hit. It got around 250,000 views and some comments as well. In the video, you can see the man posing with the ladies, and nonetheless, he looked happy.

Fans who saw the video were awestruck. They conceded to the fact that he surely looked like Louis Theroux and if they had been there instead of the woman, they could’ve also misrecognized the man as the TV writer. Another man also agreed with him. One among them humorously added that the man was looking more like Louis Theroux than Louis Theroux looks like himself.


Some of the commenters even asked what was the writer doing at a seaside resort. One of them had to see the video thrice in order to recognize the man as someone other than Louis Theroux although he was completely in his senses. One among them even shared the story of the time when he had mistaken a man as Denzel Washington and clicked a photo with him as well.

Some of them who saw the video claimed that they know the person in their real life. One of them thought that the man works in their company on a different shift and they would gather some information about the man and let everyone know about him. Others who claimed to know them personally commented that the man is funny in general. They would surely ask him about the incident and show him the video. They were sure that he would laugh hard after seeing the video.

Nonetheless, it is said that there are seven people in the world having the same face. It seemed like Veronica had met the doppelganger of Louis Theroux. Through this video, one day Louis Theroux might meet his doppelganger himself. It was indeed a crazy experience for the woman and her friend. They would never forget the day.