Woman’s Attempt to Gift her Boyfriend a Cushion Turns Hilarious

Did you always get what you initially thought of? Take online stuff as a great example. The clothes with the exact fit as the models or anything close to an atelier’s photoshoot. For sure, it’s a big no. Leave its beauty aside, sometimes we do wonder why we bought it in the first place. This was the case with Amy Compton, 21 when she ordered a cushion online.


She ordered one with her face printed on it for her boyfriend Harry. Besides, they had been together for just three months and it was the first time Amy was going to gift her boyfriend something as a remembrance. Meanwhile, she had no idea what she could buy for a guy where her boyfriend was a bit on the fussy side. She wanted him to give some suggestions but that effort went in vain. Harry wanted it to be a surprise.

As this was what the nursery nurse wanted to get, she contemplated buying something with her face on it to be a little playful. Also, when it comes to taking things casually, Harry has a good sense of humor. However, the thing she ordered wasn’t even the slightest of what she was expecting. She said: “When it arrived, I thought, ‘what the hell is that’. I thought, ‘I can’t give this to him, what am I going to do?’.”


She got literally disgusted with the cushion’s appearance. Obviously, it is going to leave anyone flummoxed when the top of one’s head and hair is cropped off to make the cushion’s design. For her, it seemed to be a “bald jacket potato.” Albeit the cushion’s condition was so hilarious, she considered buying another one.

She said: “I was so shocked. It didn’t arrive how I expected it to. I knew it wouldn’t be exactly like the picture but I didn’t expect it to make me look like a potato. It looks like a potato. I just look like a jacket potato. It’s got a little bit of my hair on it. It’s got some hair around the side, but on the top, it doesn’t look like I’ve got any hair at all. I just look bald.”

Although she hasn’t gifted her boyfriend anything till now, she believes she’s starting a new trend for couples to gift each other something with their faces on it. But that’s okay, this medley of experiences is nothing new for anyone who prefers online shopping. Mind you, the exquisite things conspicuous as something fascinating might turn out to be otherwise.

Moreover, turning one’s face into a potato has already happened with Lizet Ocampo, the Political Director at People For The American Way. She actually turned herself into a potato during a video meeting. On top of it, she had no idea how to undo it. Meanwhile, Rachele Clegg, one of her employees took a screengrab and shared it on Twitter.

She also stated that her boss, Lizet, accidentally turned herself into a potato on Microsoft Teams and had no idea how to put it off. Haplessly, she stayed like that for the entire meeting. Lizet said: “I was so confused as to why I was a potato. Of all the things I could be, why a potato?”