Women Received Rude Letter By Neighbors For Defaming The Locality With Painted Garage Door

A householder, who spray-painted her garage outdoors to make it look joyful, received a rude letter from a person of the same locality blaming her of undervaluing other homes of the street. The women tried to make her property more attractive but ended up getting herself blamed by her neighbors.


She was taken aback to receive an outrageous letter by an unknown person of her locality. She made a night sky and constellations on her garage door. She was satisfied and joyous about the eventual look of the garage door but as someone from the locality was offended by the look which she created, it resulted in her receiving the fierce letter.

The person openly wrote in the letter how he felt about the painting that women had made. He described it as an ugly graffiti which had resulted in lowering the value of the entire neighborhood and made it look like a cheap slum area.

The person had an opinion that she could have done whatever she felt like inside her house rather than doing it on the outdoors and making everyone else feel embarrassed about it and forced to live with it. He felt that her effort had led to the devaluation of everyone’s property and lessen their opportunities to sell their property. He conveyed how important it was for her to take the consent of every person in the locality before creating something bizarre as that.


He wrote it was such an insult for the neighbors and their property and pride of ownership. Claiming that she was tasteless about her creativity, he also added, “I feel sorry for the homeowners on your street and thank god it’s not on ours, but every visitor we now have will have to drive past that ugly graffiti on the way to us like they’re driving through the hood. Shame on you! You have no class!”

A picture of this cruel message was made public on Facebook and Imgur by a person with username ‘soundguy’ who felt shocked to see such a reaction to a simple act of painting.

The post received mixed reactions from people. It was shocking for some people to see that letter and they stimulated the women to make her house look even brighter out of malice. Someone had a viewpoint that the women should similarly paint the entire house, just to showcase that she should not care about such rude opinions.

A person wrote, “I’d straight up project that letter on to the front of my house.” While another person added, “Can you imagine being this unhappy with your life that something as minuscule as this sets you off that much? Good lord.”