Worried Student Thinks Teacher’s Coffee Syrup Is Booze

A teacher named Shannon Maxey received a blot from the blue when she got to know that her students took her morning coffee shots for liquor. The skepticism stemmed from the vanilla syrup bottle by her coffee making machine that resembled a liquor bottle. Her students were worried about her condition but did not leak their thoughts to their elders.


Bizarre moments stir up around to leave souls lost in bewilderment. The misconceptions hover in the minds of surrounding people to give way to some shocking events. These incidents can make people rework their ways of thinking and interpreting the presented situations. A teacher named Shannon Maxey lived a similar moment of shock one day.

Being a teacher to third grade, Shannon has to keep herself always high on energy to deal with her budding students. To keep her mind open for all the time, she has got a coffee machine in her room. It helps her get her a shot of power to drain the day’s exhaustion out of her mind. Well, the machine does not satisfy her soul craving to recharge alone. To make her cup of coffee high on taste, she has also got a vanilla almond flavored syrup bottle.

However, she was unbeknownst of the vibes that the bottle created in the minds of her students.


The budding souls could see their teacher greeting them in the morning with her cup of coffee. She would go to the machine to get her cup of power several times in a day. But her coffee cup was robbing the students of their peace. The reason for their unease ensconced in the bottle of syrup standing by the machine. The shape and color of the bottle made the innocent kids take it for a liquor bottle. Thus, whenever they saw their teacher adding a few drops of it in her cup, they would think her having some boozing morning moments.

To their horror, their teacher was not alone in her ‘drinking’ spree. Shannon would ask one of her students to deliver the bottle to other teachers. Thus, they ended up thinking that other teachers were also in an inebriated state. But they kept their thoughts to themselves and did not share with their elders.

One day, tired of seeing their teacher enjoying her drink, one of them mustered courage and asked her, “Mrs. Maxey, I gotta ask you a question, but I have to whisper and you can’t get mad…Why do you keep liquor by your coffee maker?”

Shannon got horrified on getting that query. She then went ahead to clear the air and told her student, “Girl that is vanilla syrup for my coffee! You thought I’ve just had liquor out all year?!”

Finally, Shannon caught the winds of skepticism raging in her students’ minds. She thus went ahead to ask what they thought about the bottle and then brought out its reality. The whole class burst up with laughter on discovering their naive interpretation of the bottle. They said, “We just thought you put beer in your coffee everyday”.

Their teacher also could not control her laughter in unraveling the crazy scenario.

She said, “At least I didn’t raise a class of snitches– no one told their parents or admin that Mrs. Maxey was getting lit every morning while teaching”.

Sharing the hilarious incident on her Facebook page, the teacher from Florida received a great response with 36000 likes and more than 28,000 shares.