A Generous Woman Got A Nasty Demand For Birthday Cake Followed By Weird Threats

Our world is full of people with varying instincts. It is not difficult to find people with self-centered motives. These souls often stalk around to catch hold of people who could assuage their interests. One such instance made a woman’s blood run cold when she was asked to bake a costly cake for free and when she said no, her colleague started threatening her.

A few days ago from that scary day, the woman had made a cake for someone in her office. The smell of her cake reached the nose of selfish souls in her office. This provoked the nerves of one of her colleague. She caught the woman by texting her to bake a birthday cake. Stunned by her message, the woman politely put the fact forward. She told her that the cake was made for a member of her team. Also, she added that the cost of ingredients of the cake was borne by her whole team. So the cake was not completely financed by her.


But the obstinate colleague ignored her explanation and went ahead with blazing remarks. She then texted the woman that she would have gone to buy a cake but it was free to ask her to make that. The callous creature did not stop there and asked her to bring that cake to her desk at two. The colleague planned to give that to everyone so the woman would not feel awkward to talk to her people. Soon the woman got an image of decadent looking chocolate cake with various layers. It was covered in frosting and topped with various truffles. The colleague then explained it as Ferrero Rochers and Lindt truffles and asked her to count the cost as her birthday gift.

The patience of the woman got sucked out but her kind nature did not let her go. She offered to make a box cake or cookies instead of that. To this, the colleague asked her if she was joking. But the woman got enraged and replied with a no. According to her, the decision of her colleague to present that cake as her contribution did not make any sense to her. As things went sulky, the co-worker started threatening the woman. She told the woman that she would ignore her in office and take the matter to HR.


Horrified with this, the woman posted the screenshots of their chats on Reddit. People on the platform were taken aback and targeted the nasty co-worker. Some of them asked her to grow up. Others said that the HR would not pay heed to her whimsical complaint and would back the woman.

Office places often witness arguments and silent wars between employees. But by taking routes like this, people devour the ethics of the profession. They need to mind their limits and respect the space of others as well. A stringent approach is also the need of the hour.