A Man Buries Vodka Before Music Festival To Dig It On The Day

Festival season is characterized by celebrations and high price levels across the globe. One had to think hard on the things that could be enjoyed without budging on the budget. But a soul named Alex Diamond had some other plans. He dug his bottle of vodka to enjoy it during a music festival. To his delight, the plan worked out perfectly.

Electric Zoo 2107 was around the corner. But the terms of the venue were roasting Alex’s head. He was worried about the hefty bill that he might have to foot as people were not allowed to carry any beverage and other celebratory stuff. The New York resident had been attending the festival for the past four years. So he was fully acquainted with every bit and part of the event.

This time he was not in a mood to let the things roll by. So he came up with a thrilling plan to secure a bottle of vodka. He left for Randall’s Island (the venue of the music festival) three weeks before the event. He went around there to look for a suitable place for his bottle. After discovering one, he dug up the earth and buried the bottle of vodka there. To locate its position on the festival night, he resorted to Google maps and highlighted the spot on GPS.

Finally, the night came. He reached the venue with his gang of pals. The souls passed the security check gates easily. Then they started to locate the obscured vodka bottle. Alex had put X marks at that place but it was not that easy. They were enveloped by stringent security systems. Guards were doing their rounds and several CCTV cameras were keeping eyes on the movements of the people.


Eventually, they reached their destination. They looked around to see the security cover. They decided to huddle around the treasure spot. They were all alert and waited for the right moment. On getting that moment, one of them dug the bottle out. Hence, it was time for some celebrations.

Alex shared that the objective was to remove the bottle without attracting the attraction on reaching there. According to him, the hardest part had been trying not to raise any suspicions because there had been a lot of cameras and festival staff. He attributed his genius plan to the inspiration that he had drawn from the pirates.

That was indeed a kind of pirate mission. The wit of the man put him on the right note. He took to the social media world to share his intrepid spree with his pals. Social media poured in praise and applause for the soul to cherish.

He is not alone in the list of souls who had used their wits to enjoy their drinks. Some obscured the bottle in the loaves of bread while others filled their sun creams bottles with their drinks. A human mind can overcome any odd in the way.