A Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Hold His Can On Flight

Obsessions often put people to take up queer ways. These big heads are so influenced that they try to circumvent all odds that come in their way with all their might. A man named Dean Stinson checked in his can of beer at Melbourne airport in lieu of his luggage allowance. What amused him the most was the fact that it arrived at Perth in perfect condition.

Dean Stinson was going on a holiday to Perth from Melbourne. He arrived at the airport to board his flight. As he reached for check-in, his mind got plucked. He decided to check in his can and put aside his luggage allowance. The Emu Export Lager beer can was placed on the counter. After a few seconds, it was all tagged with the barcode. Then it was sent to the cargo hold for Dean.

As a rule, liquids are not allowed in the cabin. So passengers are barred from carrying any liquid in their handbags or hand luggage. Dean was aware of this fact but did not want to part away from his dear can. Thus he checked it in though ‘for a laugh’. He sacrificed his luggage allowance and even paid more to get it checked-in. He did not reveal the cost of his innovative idea.

After the long four hour flight, he finally landed at Perth airport. He desperately looked for his can on the conveyor belt of luggage. To his amusement, he spotted his little can on the belt that was placed with other suitcases. He could not believe the fact that it was able to make its way to Perth airport that too in a perfect condition.


The other passengers went ahead to collect their luggage while Dean collected his little can. Finally, he took a sigh of relief and proceeded ahead with his holiday plan. The can owner exclaimed with joy that he had thought it to be great and it was in perfect condition. Not just that, he also spotted a crate of beer of the same brand on the conveyor belt. So he was not alone who loved his drink more than his luggage.

Strange things keep on surfacing in our world. Thanks to the souls like Dean Stinson who never let them die out! Their witty brains keep weaving webs of new experiments. The globe certainly cherishes the outcome of their intrepid spree.