A Woman Bought Her Own Coffin To Prepare For Death

Death is a bitter veracity of life. We all are fully acquainted with this unavoidable fact. But have you ever dared to brace yourself up for it? Well, here is a woman named Zodwa Wabanter who had bought a coffin for her funeral. She dared to face the truth and arranged for her funeral.

You must be wondering if she was ailing or was soon going to die. But none of these formed the basis of her act. Her story lies somewhere else. It is full of pain and misery. The lady was disturbed by the fact that her mother was laid to rest in a very cheap coffin. It was a plain affair laced with many sufferings. The people around her taunted that she too could not afford a sumptuous affair and would be laid to rest in a similar manner.

Demented by that thought, she made up her mind and resolved to not let that happen to her. So she stepped out and purchased a coffin that cost her around £8540. Also, she was very much concerned about her family. She did not want her son or family to grapple with her funeral expenses. According to her, the family toiled very hard to work out her mother’s funeral. They pooled together everything they had so that they could bid a pleasant goodbye to her mother. So to abate her similar fate, she lived her whole life in summing up her pennies.

Finally, she ended up buying a sumptuous coffin for her. She wanted to share her joy with everyone. So soon she uploaded a picture in which she was lying in her coffin. The social media world got horrified and some of them even scripted her obituary. They thought that she had left for her heavenly abode. But she later cleared the air and put their anxiety to rest. The South African media celebrity commented that society was so afraid to talk about death. She had made a choice to purchase her coffin while alive and it was worth a pretty penny.


Her post cherished a mixed reaction. Some people lauded her for her audacity. They commented that all of them were going there (in the coffin) whether they liked it or not. But there were other souls too who condemned her actions. According to them, it was quite unusual and called it absurd. One of them described it as her madness. Her 55000 followers had thus unveiled the two conflicting facets of this issue. Their opinions and views had outpoured the tussle that has been going on in human minds since ages.

Zodwa had worked her heart out and now it is on the souls to decide their stance.