After Finishing All Her Wine During Lockdown, Grandma Holds A Sign Asking For More

During this coronavirus outbreak everyone is locked up in their homes to control the spread of the virus. People also want to make sure that they have all the essential commodities stocked up in their homes as there are restrictions on wandering in the streets. People do go out to shop for their family members when their stock gets finished. But an essential item for an 82-year-old grandma came as a surprise to her daughter.


Kelly Muller was going to her 82-year-old mother’s house to check on her if she needed anything during her self-isolation. Kelly and her mother, Annette, were talking through a window about what she needed. It was then, when Annette showed her a huge hand made sign which had an important message for her written on it. The 82-year-old wrote in bold black letters that she needed more wine. To make it seem that it was very important and urgent for her, Annette even waved an empty bottle of wine around.

Kelly is a resident of Kingston, in Ontario, Canada, and is one of the six kids of her mother. She found the whole thing quite hilarious and posted a photo of her mother holding the sign on her Facebook handle. The photo was captioned by these words, “Went to my 82-year-old mother’s house today to check on her and to see if she needed anything. She was anxiously waiting for me at the window.” The post went viral very quickly. It was liked and shared by thousands of people.

After seeing the post many people found the whole thing quite relatable. They also commented about the same on her post. One person joked that he aspired to be like her mother. Another person wrote that he loved it and asked whether her could borrow the sign. Kelly later updated her friends by posting a photograph of her mother and confirming that she got her wine. Mama Muller was holding a bottle of wine in her hand and had a big smile on her face.

Annette isn’t very picky when it comes to wine. She claims that all varieties of wine taste the same to her and they are not different. Mama Muller generally enjoys sharing her wine with her daughter. They meet up regularly and chat over a glass of wine. It’s is perfect evening for them.

Kelly said that her mother, Annette, is a kind of person who likes to socialize and is a social butterfly. In this period of lockdown, she misses her NHL hockey and her family and friends. They all used to constantly drop by her house and pay a visit. Talking about her mother, Kelly also added that she had a great sense of humor. With Kelly’s post going viral, the 82-year-old grandma is enjoying all the attention and is very excited with all the comments and likes. Annette also said excitedly, “I have gone viral!”