Amazon’s Hilarious Attempt To Hide Customer’s Parcel Made The Internet Laugh

Online shopping is turning into the most popular form of shopping and people are indulging in it more than ever. But packages aren’t always delivered as per your schedule. Sometimes delivery drivers have to leave a package outside your home when you are not there. This needs some extra creativity from the delivery driver and this Amazon driver found the most hilarious way to hide a package.


In order to make sure that the package is protected from covetous eyes, an Amazon delivery guy came up with a bizarre yet funny way of hiding the package. All he did was that he covered the package with handful of gravel from the garden to cover the parcel.

And to say, this trick of hiding the parcel is going all gaga over the internet. The picture of the parcel was tweeted by Danielle McPherson, which has been liked for more than 440,000 times and re-tweeted more than 50,000 times. Because of this tweet, a lot more people came up with their hilarious delivery experiences. Some have talked about how the delivery guy placed the order right in front of their house which was on the main road, giving a pretty good opportunity to the thief.

Another shared about their incident from 2015 when a Yodel delivery guy ended up placing the parcel on the roof along with a slip explaining the parcel’s location. Probably should have kept another slip for explaining how he ended up on that roof.But to say this trick was better than the others in terms of parcel safety. Furthermore, talking about hilarious delivery experiences, another Amazon delivery from Australia was hid underneath a doormat by the delivery guy. And to say that parcel wasn’t any slim or flat parcel that could have been easily hid under the doormat but instead it was a pretty big box.

Should have probably thanked the delivery guy for hiding the parcel in such a safe place. One of the most hilarious deliveries was that in which a package was marked as ‘handed to a receptionist’, and was ‘signed by Wheelie Bin’, shoved near a bin. Creativity at its best right! But jokes apart, all these were real experiences which were shared by various people around the world and have received immense popularity because they ended up in such creative places.

Other than that people could do is that either they could just stay at home when there is a delivery expected or could just go to the shops and buy stuff by themselves to avoid such innovative deliveries.